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About F.E.D. London

F.E.D. London provides comprehensive services for clients looking to purchase residential and commercial property.
Using our services makes the acquisition process less stressful, safer, faster, and in many cases cheaper.
We scour the entire market, cherry picking the very best properties based on your specific requirements, and can source property
that is not available on the open market. Our long-standing relationships with financial service providers such as banks, family
offices, solicitors, and accountants mean that we are able to get exclusive access to some of the very best off market opportunities.

The company was founded by Fraser Dyer and was borne out of a desire to level the playing field in what is one of the
world’s most sophisticated property markets. Having started out in traditional agency, Fraser became aware of the lack
of adequate professional representation for buyers in multi-million pound transactions. Consequently, Fraser moved from
poacher to game keeper, acting solely on behalf of buyers, and safe-guarding their best interests throughout the acquisition process.

Today, F.E.D. London represents high net worth private clients and institutional investors from all over the world in the
acquisition of residential and commercial property in London and the home counties.

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